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Curry Mee: Mouth-Watering Curry Noodles

In Ipoh, a varied and diverse range of noodles are used when serving Curry Mee. Customers often have a choice of what type of noodles they want. Vendors typically offer yellow noodles, vermicelli, or hor fun (flat rice noodles) while some provide a wider choice such as wheat-based wanton noodles or Hakka noodles.

Ipoh Laksa

Laksa: A complicated and controversial ‘soup’?

What is Laksa? A simple-worded question that can have multiple and competing answers depending on who you ask. This article will explore the question but if a simple answer is demanded, laksa is a spicy noodle soup.

Hakka Mee

Hakka Mee: Amazing Wavy Noodles

Hakka Mee (Hakka Noodles) is an amazingly simple but tasty dish. It comprises of noodles topped with fried minced pork and garnished with chopped spring onion.