Hakka Mee: Amazing Wavy Noodles

Hakka Mee

Hakka Mee (Hakka Noodles) is an amazingly simple, but tasty dish. It comprises of noodles topped with fried minced pork and garnished with chopped spring onion. The noodles used in this dish are firm, but also wavy and springy. This humble dish is sometimes served with a bowl of hot broth but in Ipoh people often buy a soup with fish balls and / or yong tau fu to accompany their Hakka Mee. It is not the fanciest looking dish, lacking both colour and ingredients, but its simplicity is its strength. Hakka Noodles tastes amazing!

Hakka Mee

What Makes Hakka Mee Taste So Good?

The minced pork is fried in an aromatic oil. This provides a delicious gourmet layer when the consequent juices from the fried minced pork are tossed with the noodles. The culinary result is a delightful savoury and a mild sweetness aftertaste.


It is difficult to be sure of the origins of this dish. Negeri Sembilan (a Malaysian state between Kuala Lumpur and Malacca) appears to have the loudest claim. But what is certain is there is no shortage of eateries in Ipoh where you can enjoy this very straightforward noodle dish.