Indian Muslim Mosque: Founded in 1908 by a Wealthy Trader

Indian Muslim Mosque


Ipoh’s Indian Muslim Mosque (or Masjid India Muslim Ipoh) is directly facing Ipoh’s Town Padang (Field) on Jalan S.P. Seenivasagam (formerly Clayton Road). It is next door to the St. Michaelʼs Institution. Some locals refer to this mosque as ‘Town Padang Mosque’ by virtue of the fact that it is opposite to the Town Padang.


This Indian Muslim Mosque was founded in 1908 by Sheikh Adam Mohammad Ghaus, a member of Ipoh’s Tamil Indian community. Sheikh Adam was a wealthy trader from Southern India had made Ipoh his home from 1900. The mosque was built by workers from India in the wake of a minor dispute with Muslims in the Malay community. It cost of $500,000.

Sheikh Adam founded a number of commercial enterprises in Ipoh including the Kinta Ice Works and the Kinta Aerated Water Factory. In fact, at the time, he was the sole supplier of ice in the whole of Ipoh.

Today, there is a road named after him. The Jalan Sheikh Adam starts near the Birch Memorial Clock Tower all the way up to the Paper Plane Mural.

Indian Muslim Mosque Architecture

This Indian Muslim Mosque is lovely square-shaped, green-and-white structure. There is square gateway leads into the mosque complex. Its design style is ‘Chitya Indian’ or Moghul. It has quite distinctive arches that some have remarked bare a close resemblance to the Diwan-i-Khas of the Red Fort in Delhi.

The prayer hall has a pyramid-shaped roof. The mosque has two minarets as well as verandas on three sides.

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Only Muslims are allowed inside.