Premium Listing (1 Month)


Premium Listing (1 Month, RM50)

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Premium Listing

Be a featured listing on a page relevant to your business!

For example, if you are a business that specialises in serving Laksa, your premium business listing will be placed on the page that features our article about Laksa. Moreover, as a Premium Listed business, you will be highlighted during any search relevant to Laksa.

IpohGo has many feature articles about Ipoh’s top dishes and attractions. Be sure to get your business highlighted on the most relevant page to your product.

A Featured Listing is showed ahead of our free listings in any search results.
Directory Listing Advertising (or Premium Listings) are guaranteed to be listed on pages relevant to your product. Non-premium listings are not placed/highlighted/featured anywhere on IpohGo, except for the Directory. Our ‘highlight’ pages rank high in search engines as each article focuses on a specific topic listed on a single page. Your business can be part of that success!


There are tens of thousands of businesses in Ipoh.
If you have put time, effort, and energy into making your business special, show it off!

Our Premium Listing allows you to upload images of your storefront, premises, products – or whatever you want to show off and promote your business.

Show people what you are all about by adding high-quality images to your Premium listing!


Our marketing team is constantly out there promoting We are always telling people to search our site for whatever they are looking for in Ipoh.
When you have a Premium listing, you can take full advantage of our marketing team. With a Premium Listing your business not only gets priority placement in IpohGo Directory, it is also placed on relevant pages throughout Moreover, our team is up to date with all the latest social media trends to drive traffic to and therefore your business.


“Location, location, location” – when it comes to real estate, we have all heard the mantra.
Without any doubt, the same applies online too. Having your business listed on puts your business exactly where it should and needs to be!

Locals and visitors alike browse to find where to eat and drink as well as what to see and do. With a Premium listing on IpohGo, you will be ensuring that you are right where you need to be!