Ipoh Markets: Top 10 Markets in Ipoh.

Ipoh Markets

There are ample markets throughout the day and evening in Ipoh. In this short feature about a variety of day and night markets, we highlight 10 but you can find many more in IpohGo’s Directory.

Ipoh Market

Ipoh Markets (Night Markets)

There is a least one Ipoh market open each night of the week. Most are weekly markets, but some open twice a week and a couple are open every night of the week. Probably the most famous market is Gerbang Malam that opens every night in the ‘New Town’ on Jalan Dato Tahwil Azhar.

Gerbang Melam Market

Basically, Gerbang Melam is a flea market more than anything. Do not expect too much by way of snacks. It’s Ipoh, so snacks, food and beverage are all nearby, but they are not directly anything to do with this market, which specialises in second-hand products such as souvenirs, shoes, clothing, bags, makeup and jewellery.

It is open every night, from 8pm, and while it is only a small market (please don’t expect it to be anything like a tourist attraction), it has an interesting vibrancy to it and certainly worth a wonder if you’re in Ipoh’s New Town.

Pasar Malam Taman

A very popular Night Market is Pasar Malam Taman Ipoh Timur at 3, Jalan Medan Ipoh 6 every Tuesday: 6pm – 10.30pm. This is a very busy night market in Ipoh East Garden, nearby Aeon Kinta City and Tesco. If night markets for you are all about snacks, you certainly will not be disappointed here.

Night Market

Ipoh Night Market Opening Hours

Gerbang Malam

Night Market

Ipoh Markets (Day Markets)

As many Ipoh markets are geared toward local residents for daily supplies we have limited our list to some of the bigger or more interesting places for visitors. However, all Ipoh’s markets are included in IpohGo’s Directory.

Passar Besar Ipoh

Pasar Besar Ipoh is an exceptionally large wet and dry market, located on Jalan Laxamana. It is the biggest in Ipoh. It is not a tourist market and nor it is the cleanest place to visit, but it is well worth a wonder around. They sell a wide variety of products including fresh fish and meat as well as all your daily fruit and veg. They also have clothes, electronics and each morning they also have antique and second-hand traders.

Canning Garden Market

There is also Canning Garden Market on Persiaran Cecil Rae, that is open everyday, 6am – 3pm. This is a local market selling many of the daily essentials.

Pasir Pinji Ipoh Morning Market

Another is Pasir Pinji Market on Jalan Pasir Pinji / Jalan Sultan / Jalan Queen. It is open every morning from 5.30am – 10.30am and has an attached food court that opens every evening. It’s popular with locals for cheap fresh produce.

Day Market

Pasir Pinji Market

Pasar Besar Ipoh

18 Ding Seafood

Ipoh Markets